Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a fan!

This is George Donaldson, 40 year old singer in the Irish group Celtic Thunder at the time he made the video I drew this from. He's the oldest of the group but still younger than me. They're all cute and wonderful musicians and singers as individuals. Maybe I'll get around to drawing all of them, eh?
Grahite, about 6x8 inches in my sketchbook, drawn from the YouTube video in about 40 minutes plus 40 wasted minutes tweaking. I'm having a tough time with ears lately, not just his.
I placed an interlibrary request for Celtic Thunder's first DVD. Damien was only 14 then and still hitting the high notes. I never saw that PBS special. I have never regretted donating my car a few years ago to the PBS channel KCET, I just wish they'd stop bugging me already.

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