Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 art goals

I wasn't too sure a couple weeks ago when I stated a couple art goals in the Watermedia forum on Wetcanvas. Hey, it's not 2010 yet! I've refined my goals.

1) Yes, I do want to finish the oil painting of Surfer's point. I got stuck on the sand. Just going to move past it and put in the rest.

2) I still want to finish Mom's acrylic portrait on Mandalay Beach with sunset.

I had stated that I wanted to post art here at least once a week, but more specifically...

3) I want to use up my acrylic paints, they're over 3 years old now. I really want to use them up this year and just keep a limited palette of Golden Opens and a limited palette of regular acrylics TBD. I'm waiting to see the new W&N artist acrylics in a store...supposed to have no shift in color when dry. I don't want slow drying paints, that's why oil paints drive me crazy.

4) I still have my acrylics sketch self-challenge that I started about a year ago.

5) I want to do more visual journal style. I'm afraid though right now (lately) my feelings are angry at a particular person and I don't know how to communicate that visually. Verbally yes, but not visually. I'll use any and all media for this.

I'm going to participate in the Watermedia sketch thread when it gets rolling. All my goals except the first will fit into this, as all my media is water-soluble.

The difficulties I had in Maui has killed my urge to paint natural landscapes. I still want to do plein air but it'll be urban landscapes and interiors then.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


From wabbitt

Tangerines, oil pastels in the 9x12 inch sketchbook. This is it! Number 100 of 100 of the oil pastel sketch challenge. It's also one of the scavenger hunt items (fruit) that I sketched between Christmas meals. I just can't get on Wetcanvas to upload my few sketches.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Basket of Goodies

A weak attempt at the finish line. A basket drawn for scavenger hunt in oil pastel, about 7 x 4 inches, the background color added digitally. This would be OP sketch #99 of 100. If I do one more, I'll make one of my 2009 art goals! Got the basket of fudge brownies and golden brownies as a Christmas present from a neighbor.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scavenger Rose

What is it, like 6 weeks since I posted art? I've been painting, just not posting. I really should finish the OP challenge before the end of the year, only two to go!

The flower was done for scavenger hunt #157, gouache in the 9x12 inch sketchbook. Yea, had to modify the vase a little to get it to fit in the sketchbook.