Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Milestone in Life

In addition to this....

I still want a 3D printer.  We got one at work a month ago, but the asshole who got management to buy it hogs all the time on it.  I opened it up to look at the documentation and basically got yelled at.  Ha, Karma's a bitch and he's had nothing but problems with his prints.  Yea, I have no hands on experience with a real printer, so anything I say is just theory from all the videos I've watched since January.  That and whatever is applicable that I learned on the 3d pen.  Unlike  him, when something isn't going right, I don't have to be told to MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT.

There's also a new camera I wanted, it just came out.  But it looks like deliveries are going to take a while.  I think I'm closer to buying the 3D printer than I am the electric bicycle.  I've got to get rid of a few things first to make room.