Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 was boring

Wow, only 8 or 9 posts in 2014.  That's pretty bad for me.  I really haven't sketched much this year.  None at all in the last 4 months.  After the cataract surgery I posted, I had another one done on the same eye to rotate the implant so I could actually see.  It's good enough now, but there's a bit of residual from that surgery.  If it doesn't correct itself by April, I may consider another surgery to get rid of a little double vision.  I had plans to update the 20 year old TV but other things started breaking down around that time and needed replacing:  the fridge, then the clothes washer, then the car.  There goes my savings, even borrowing a little from Mom.  There was dry spell in my side business so I went and changed my withholding at work.  Then I get an avalanche of work in December which is helping my financial recovery.  I hope I don't get a whopper of a tax bill come April.

That said, I still haven't stopped collecting sketchbooks & art supplies, dammit.  LOL.  A new Hobby Lobby moved in about a mile from my house.  Oh, so tempting!  Mom has a thing right now about buying canvas bags/backpacks.  I've been painting them but I haven't been taking pictures.  The first one was a pudgy owl.  The second was a lady bug, and I have one I attempted the "monkey selfie."  It's got some drawing problems.  I'm pretty sure I'll paint over it...if & when I figure out a subject.  I've been using my cameras more, but wide angle lenses like the Polaroid Cube or GoPro don't make good pictures of artwork because of the distortion.  I'll have to figure something out and (re)start posting to my Flickr or Picasa.  It's just that my life is boring right now, all work, little play time.  Doesn't make for creative or artistic photography...just documenting my boring life.

I finally broke down to get an amazon account.  I've always had issues about credit card security & delivery left on my doorstep.  But now I can finally get stuff I've been waiting to find in a local store-- like Noodler's Bulletproof Black Ink, my first purchase.

No art goals for 2015 except to sketch more than I did in 2014.  That's a pretty low bar, but in the back of my head, I really need to use up the growing pile of sketchbooks.

Happy New Year!