Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where did February go?

I haven't forgotten my goal of posting art at least once a week, just haven't felt like drawing or painting. I did one watercolor in February and I've been faithfully copying the Scavenger Hunt list but still lacked motivation. I found myself at Michaels wandering around before today's dental appointment. It wasn't like I was spending real money, I've been carrying a return card/store credit for months...jumped on the sale of Canson paper 6 pads for $10. It's not great stuff but it's good enough for sketching. Now I must use it all up!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Vacation was a bust

All hopes for plein air dashed. My hands were tied all week, rather my feet were shackled. Mom wouldn't let me take the car to go hunting for a spot to paint (I don't understand her) and I couldn't lug all the stuff to the beach or to the hiking trail (a mile just to get there, I walked it with my camera) and still have energy to paint. Never got to play tennis, nobody to play with. I did get to an REI store to look for a portable, hand crank coffee grinder--they didn't have in stock. I did find a coffee shop within walking distance. I bought fresh roasted beans, but I still don't have a grinder. I might have to resort to my food chopper. I wanted a medium roasted blend. I expect the beans will be over roasted, I can smell it...even thru the cold that I caught.