Saturday, June 23, 2018

Finally! Caregiver

It's only the first week done - three days, three hours a day.  It was a slow start as she tried to build a rapport with Mom.  I really had no expectations other than hopefully I don't have to run home from work anymore because Mom's been sitting on the floor more than an hour.  Mom is resistant to having help.  By the end of the 3rd day, though, she was able to brush out Mom's hair.  Bonus for me, I think she washed my bedding.  I didn't see that coming (or on the camera either).

So today, Saturday, I'm looking around the house to see what needs doin'.  I cleaned up last week.  I had decluttered a bit, I put away ID-sensitive papers & camera gear.  I got rid of all the little boxes that have been accumulating.  I'm also getting together some stuff for the community garage sale next month.  After getting groceries, now what am I going to do?   I've forgotten how to relax!  Maybe I'll be pulling out my paints soon...we'll see.

However, I'm still having a hard time putting in a full 8 hour day at work.  I don't sleep well because Mom keeps getting up at night. I don't think I've been on time since daylight savings kicked in.  So I'm often 30-45 minutes late, and that's after I adjusted my hours.  I do have the flex to work as late as I need to, but I can only stay until 5pm because of Mom's "sundowning."  That will get progressively worse as the days get shorter until Christmas.  I have a computer job, what I need is to be able to make up my time from home.

Sunday edit: I had energy today!  I put it toward yardwork.  It's been so long since I had energy for the yard, it's either overgrown or browning.  I'm going to minimize then look for a backyard makeover.