Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Art / #17 put to bed

 Ate a lot of fruit...
 Tried to win the $638 million lottery.  Didn't win anything at the company Christmas party either.
 Treated Mom to spa as her Christmas present.  My friend, Kathy, invited us to dinner at her church function.
 OMG!  I finished another sketchbook.  (Wondering what number this is.)  The end view on the scanner just looked interesting.  I had stuff on the cover too.

Okay, I think Smash #1 was "sketchbook" #16 so this would be sketchbook #17.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November art

 I finished all my work at work and felt like drawing stuff on my desk, I felt so rusty. It triggered a creative flood...couldn't wait to get home.  These are in the Altered Journal.

October art

 The fern was a happy, successful experiment in the "crispy crunchy mom-made" sketchbook.  So I was ready to follow my idea.  Unfortunately, after that my paint clogged and I couldn't make it work anymore.