Saturday, December 30, 2017

Finally doing things for me

I got  so much done yesterday with just 2 extra hours.  I finished my design on Thursday but I went to work on Friday in case the vendor had any questions.  I really didn't have anything to do.  So I looked busy until lunch and bounced off the walls for another hour before I gave up and decided to leave.

I ran alot of errands and went to the gym to check out the renovations.  Every year I keep an eye out for a deal on a personal trainer.  This is my year!  So I'm signed up for 10 sessions to finally do something for myself.  I was very specific that I want a routine I can do at home because I can only get away to the gym on weekends. I have other age-related limitations now that need to be taken into consideration.

I need to get back into sketching.  I've got all these canvases (and paint) that haven't been touched in a couple years.  So...

2018 Resolution:  Do something for myself every day.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I woke up early to put the rib roast in the oven.  Good thing I had a dry run a month ago, the roast couldn't have been more perfectly seasoned or perfectly cooked.  My incredible shrinking auntie (60 lbs!) loved it so much, I left it all too her.  I thought she might share it with my cousins who met with her yesterday, but she's planning her meals around the meat now.  I gave her a couple batches of my biscotti as my Christmas gift, which she is thoroughly enjoying.  I told her I hope she gains 20 lbs this year.

Mom doesn't understand time anymore.  It's always April now.  When she's wishing Merry Christmas, she's just parroting me.  I gave her a clock that shows the day and date with year, as well as the time so now I don't have to write it on the board every day. 

I got myself an Echo Spot as my new alarm clock.  So last night was the first with a different clock -- now I remember why I've been using the huge LED clock for the last 35 years, I'm blind as a bat without glasses!  Okay one of my eyes was upgraded a few years ago, so I can see the clock now in analog mode.  The digital text just is too small.

I have go to to work all week (insert sad emoji face here, I can't find it).  I wanted to do half days but the engineer I'm working with keeps deciding to change something and then it takes all day to catch up to all the domino's that fell down because of his change,