Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Life update

I've been busy.  I've been creating. I have not been posting stuff to the internet.  I have not been overworking.  The side job actually ended at the end of 2016.  I got a call a month ago about doing stuff for the company that took over but I haven't heard anything since.

Meanwhile, I've been taking care of mine & Mom's medical & dental health.  I have lost my first adult tooth.  It had a root canal.  It had a well fitted crown.  It cracked down the middle anyway.  There was no more saving it.  It's been a painful 5 months.

So, I've come full circle with the hobbies. Right now I'm back into computers & electronics.  I guess it started with the timelapse camera last August when I had to pull out my soldering iron after 20 years in the closet.  I packed it away in 1997 when I started preparing to sell my Texas house.  I built a small computer around 2003, and I had an idea to make a really small computer as small as a cigar box.  Never got around to it.  But then last year's project got me into it again.  Computers are now the size of a finger.  Just tonight I assembled a computer which is the size of deck of cards, posting from it now!

Mom's getting more forgetful every day.  She'd leave the water running, which in California is more expensive than electricity.  She'd leave upstairs TV on while she spends the day downstairs.  She'll forget she's got something on the stovetop & go out to the garden for an hour.  I'd come home to another burnt pot.  My current project is to automate the house.  These things are now easily obtainable but expensive and they don't necessarily work as easily as my DIY projects.  Right now I'm working on a porch camera & a motion detector for the stairs which I will activate an LED strip or electroluminescent wire (haven't decided yet.)