Thursday, August 23, 2012

Holyland sketches

I'm back from the other side of the world. I needed a couple weeks to catch up with my life, so I'm just starting to scan my sketches and make new ones from my photos.

Acrylic ink in the self-made 6x8 in sketchbook. This is the mosque of Mohammed Ali the Great in Cairo. This was painted from one of my photos. So hot that day, so hot inside the mosque.  Mom wasn't doing well with the heat, so I spent alot of time encouraging her to walk, besides photos were allowed.

Oil pastels on dark gray pastel paper (same self-made sketchbook) of The Grotto of Revelation.  It's where St. John was exiled to this little Greek island.  It was really dim in there, I really couldn't see much.  Photos were not allowed, so this is kind of from memory and kind of from a dim picture I took of the tour guide's picture.  The grotto is a cave where St. John went to pray and meditate.  There's a relatively new (considering Jesus died over 2000 years ago) facade in front of the cave which is now maintained by the Greek Orthodox church  (hence the cabinetry.)  God talked to St. John (the deciple, not the baptist) from that point where 3 cracks come together in the ceiling, which is real life was actually at face level.  St. John wore out a spot on the ground where he used to pray and a spot on the wall where he helped himself stand, he was in his 80's & 90's.