Monday, January 2, 2012


Okay, it's not acrylic. Oil pastel very quickly, I think it shows. Maybe a future mola? I don't know, I've had a couple weeks off the side job and four days off the day job. I'm finally feeling
mentally relaxed which helps the art to flow. It is done in a sketchbook that has only a few pages left (2010 art goal) .

Mola #3

I was on a roll last night. Acrylic on 9x12 inch cardboard off one of the pads of paper I actually finished last year.
Edit: picture update to make it look less like a yellow brick road.
Edit2: picture disappeared!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I had time! I used it to paint another mola attempt. Not yet true to the style but it's getting there. I do like how the panda turned out. 8x10 inch acrylic on watercolor paper mounted on--I think it was a book cover in a previous life.

Almost forgot, 2012new years resolution: Very simply, use up as much acrylic paint as possible. The goal post is actually to get to a point where I have only Golden Opens and Golden Fluid acrylics.

As for last year's goals, I only finished one sketchbook. I closed out several writing journals, but I only count one sketchbook. So if I use up as much acrylic paint as I can, the sketchbooks and paper accumulation will take care of themselves.