Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another box

So the first box was Mom's birthday present, only about 6 weeks late.  This is her mother's day present, only a couple weeks late, LOL.  She really loved the other one.  She said she likes this one too, but I told her she has to say that because she's my mother. This is looser than I intended but I was limited by my brushes.  My finest brush was still too thick for this scale  (the box is 9in X 3.5IN x 3.5in). 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I painted a box

Not the finest art, more like crafty art.  So I've been busy reorganizing my office/art space.  I put my monitors up on a dual stand to get all the cables off my desk and make room to do stuff.  I was trying to clear under my desk...that didn't work out so well, I've just got different stuff under my desk now and the art supplies that were under my desk is now up on new wire shelves.  What the reorganization did was 1) clear my desk top for projects and 2) clear the French doors behind my desk so that I can swing them open now.  I've got to wait til Sunday night to throw out more empty boxes or else they'll find their way back into the house.

Then Mom was sitting at my desk, snooping around, and she found these wooden pencil boxes I'd bought with the intention to color with oil pencils and she wanted them.  I lost interest in the oil pencils after one flower.  But they weren't empty!  Oh yea, I found my first set of printmaking paints and the linocut tool.  I totally lost them, so I'd bought another tool and more paints.  And I found my Dremel Tool bits, DOH!

I was almost ready to donate my old acrylic paints because I haven't touched them in over a year.  A couple of them (browns) are like gel now, but they were going that way years ago.  But this was fun.  I still have peacock feathers on my brain, so I'm going to do some kind of abstract peacock pattern on the other box before giving it to Mom.  And I'm going to keep my paints, they're still fun. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Flexible camera case

I wasn't satisfied with the purple camera case, so I solved a few problems:
  1. Mom kept finding another way to put the camera in that it wasn't meant to go, which meant she forced it.  I don't see damage to the camera or the case, but it hasn't been in use for very long.
  2. I didn't like how the camera rattled inside the case, it was a hard case.  Rattling means friction or impact, however minor.  At least you couldn't sit on it and damage the screen.
  3. Camera retention is less secure, but the point is to cushion the camera while it's bouncing around in a bag.  The damage to Mom's previous cameras were on the screens from bouncing around in her bag.  Anyway, I'm taking advantage of the flexibility of the material.  I have an opening on the end and rely on the plastic to spring back to its closed position on its own.
  4. I was wondering how I was going to use up a pound of flexible filament.  This material is better suited to covering electronics like cameras & phones.