Sunday, March 4, 2018

TMI Life update

Wow, time is flying, it's March already!  I can't say I've been really productive but I do have more things to do than I have time in the day.  I haven't had side work since December, but let's start with weekends.  I'm pretty non-productive on Saturdays and Sundays.  I'm always awake by 7:30, but then I wait around until Mom's ready to awaken so that I can offer her a bath.  If it doesn't happen on Saturday, I get a little more firm on Sunday.  If it still doesn't happen (like today she was really cold despite me turning up the heat + bathroom heater), then it's sponge bath & dry shampoo, and I'll offer the bath every day until she accepts.  It'll make me late for work, but I don't care about work anymore. I'll cover the time with vacation, until they say I can't do that anymore.  I can't work late anymore.  Mom gets confused after 3pm so I can't stay at work past 4pm.  I think she tried to scare me couple weeks ago when she told me she "went to the other house looking for me" when I was late.  I don't think it's true, she was never off the camera view that long.  Anyway, I'm burning out.  I think I'm not completely burnt out yet because of the weekly workouts I'm getting in.

Mom's motivation to leave the warmth of the bed is hunger.  So I prepare her breakfast & lunch before I leave for work.  That takes more time than I have, actually, so I'm always late to work.  But I'm able to bait Mom by offering coffee. I don't think I've been at work on time since December.  Whatever, I almost don't care anymore.  If it comes up at my next review, I'm going to give it to them straight.  I need to be able to work from home 10-20% of the time.  There's alot of work out there, I could do better than my salary now freelancing from home, but I'd be spending all that to buy healthcare insurance.

So Mom's tired from watching TV all day and walking between her chair and the couch.  She turns in early and I help her into bed.  When it's really early, I can come back to my home office and do stuff, otherwise it's the end of my day, too.  I need a longer day to actually get stuff done.  At least I'm a step closer to getting help from a caregiver.  I successfully installed a smartlock this weekend.