Sunday, December 18, 2011

Smooshing paint

Except for my vacation time, I've been too busy this year to sketch or work on art.  The lack of creativity has been frustrating when I have had time.   Does anyone actually read these shareholder updates that the companies are required to send?  I found a new use for them!  I'm scribbling in them.  Since it's something I'd throw away anyway, they're less precious than sketchbooks or pads that I spent money on (even if I only paid $1 for the pad.)  I will throw them away when I'm done.

It's time again to make decisions on my 401k.  All these funds feels like throwing money into a black hole.   I'm really good at my job but these financial things might as well be printed in Greek for all I understand of it.  I have seen an advisor--then it's like Greek translated into Korean and when it gets back to English, the original meaning is lost so the information is still useless to me.

I have a pad at work next to my keyboard.  When I have trouble focusing, I doodle on the pad.  Sometimes it looks like zentangles, mostly it looks like a to-do list with little sketches inserted between the blocks I cross off.  I think I have panda on the brain.  Lately I've been drawing pandas. 

PS:  Jo, thanks for visiting.  Congrats on the new house.