Saturday, October 21, 2017

Back from Las Vegas

It wasn't the vacation I hoped it would be, I cut it short and came home early.  Mom's health has been relatively decent this year until September when combination of dementia, diabetes, depression, and poor medical advice hit all at once.  On top of that, I was deep into a project at work that had me burning both ends of the candle. I turned to my accupunturist to relieve some stress but she was out of town for a couple weeks.

She couldn't get in her head that we were there for the full week and that it was a timeshare trade.  She kept ganking everything that wasn't tied down, like we were going home the next morning.  Days were so short.  I couldn't get her to leave the room before lunch, I had to bring her home right after dinner. She can't travel anymore.  Until their sold, I think we'll just have to let the timeshare weeks lapse from now on.  At least she's gotten her use from them over the last (almost) 40 years.

Penny slots have changed.  I used to play nickel & quarter slots, but the fun games anymore are penny slots.  So even though they're "penny" slots, minimum bet is still 30 to 50 cents.  I have a new point-of-view camera that I had fun with on this trip.  Kind of makes my pi cameras moot, they are capable of the same thing but the new camera looks so much better and has better lens.  Still, the pi cameras have come in handy so that I can keep an eye on her while I'm at work and I haven't hand any problems with her leaving the taps open since I put in the motion activated LED strips.