Sunday, March 27, 2016

So the pen was broken...

I had some time to think about my tips & tricks.  They're in the "Sketchy Notes" section of this block in the column on the right.  The biggest point to make, if you don't want to be bothered maintaining your 3D pen, if you don't want to or can't disassemble & reassemble the nozzle of the pen, DON'T GET ONE.  Think of it as an artist maintaining their equipment in the same way as an air brush artist maintains his air brush nozzles, in the same way oil painters take care of their brushes, or a sculptor maintains their oven & clay wheel.  Tattoo artists have to maintain their tattoo equipment, assemble & reassemble, eventually fix their equipment to stay in business.

So if you're thinking about getting into this media, read the Sketchy Notes.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


(From Harry Potter) Deathly Hallow charms.  They're a little over an inch in any dimension.  I didn't think my lines were that straight.  Maybe I'm looking at them too closely, doesn't look too bad after setting them aside for 3 days.  I either need to attach them to a pin or earring hooks.  Don't know where I'm going with this yet.

I made another set of trash bag holders, a button cover for the TV's power button, and (I nearly forgot) I fixed the banana hanger!  The hole for the hook is stripped but this keeps it from falling out.

The TV power button cover was a fail in functionality.  I'm trying to keep Mom from touching the TV because she's always putting it in weird modes or running up the volume to crazy levels, I want her to only use the remote control.  But apparently any button turns on the TV and you can only turn it off with the power button (or remote.)

I was a couple hours into another project when my 3D pen broke.  OH NO!!!!!!!  3D Scribbler's customer service is awesome, I'm waiting for a new nozzle.  But it's got me thinking about making my own version of a 3D pen--yes I have the electronics & mechanical skills and tools.  But if I could do that, I could make my own printer for not much more.  But if I wanted a printer, I could buy one for just a bit more than that. Damn, another rabbit hole.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

What is it?

This is one of the reasons I went with a 3D pen rather than a 3D printer.  In order to do this on a printer, you have to either use support material then melt it away or you build it up with break away support and you have to cut it away, then finish with filing and sanding.  It's also thin by 3D printing standards.  I used two layers to keep its flexibility.  But if I'd used three layers, it'd be much stronger.  For my use, it'll be strong enough.

There it is.  It hold the handles of the grocery store bags in the trash can.  My dad actually used to bend wire hangers to do this, so I didn't invent it.  But I did it in a new way!

Golden Feather

Ever since I read the manufacturer's recommendation to run clear filament after metallic, I'm done using the clear for practice.  I got a spool of gold filament to work with, as I had several ideas that I wanted in gold and a few more where it doesn't matter.  Stay tuned, I've got a few more feather shapes in mind.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Red Feather

Testing out a concept  for a series of feather toppers for my gel pens. This was done with the sample of red that was included in the 3D Scribbler box, lovely color--but not enough.  I'd intended to make it much longer and curvier, that's why I started so wide but then I could feel I was running out.  You can see at the tip, the last bit of purple I had left from the camera case project, then I had to resort to clear on the back of the feather

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Camera Case

Purple camera case.  Two layers of purple, though I used clear for the first layer of the cover because I could see that I was going to run out of purple.  Entombed the knot of the elastic string to hold it closed. 
It fits really snuggly, so it only goes in one way.   
It's pretty strong,  It'll protect the camera from scratches and bumps in a handbag or if it were hanging around the photographer's neck but I really don't think a hard case will necessarily keep the screen safe from a fall, it's already a camera with a metal body.
I used the narrowest drinking straw I could find for the hinge, which comes from a drink box

Saturday, March 5, 2016

3D pen creations

1)  Started with the rose, petal by petal until I had enough to stick together.  I think I should have gotten white instead of clear for practice.  Sometimes I can't see the last line of plastic I put down until it cools.
2)  Then I did the Snitch.  I made a breakthrough in control when I did a wing--then I was able to repeat it for the other.  I've been a printing machine ever since.
3)  Next is the button cover for the universal remote.  Mom just doesn't get it.  She was mashing buttons at random and reprogramming the TV, cable box, and the remote itself.  I had a paper card version of this previously which she was pushing through.  The cover does fit snuggly in place but I can slide it right off, too.  No problems with the electronics ever since, though my TV is still stuck on the Spanish menu.

4)  Hanger for my 3D pen:  Same color as the pen.  It hangs on the side of my wooden art caddy (which I've since culled--removed the paint brushes I haven't used in a while.)

5)  Hanger for a spool of filament.  It also hangs on the art caddy.  Can't find anything like that anywhere, eh?  Other picture is with a spool loaded.  Fits snuggly without having to modify the caddy with a hole or anything.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oh no! Another medium

I do CAD for a living, computer aided design.  I do 3D modeling for a living.  I draw pictures on a computer all day to tell people how to fabricate and assemble stuff.  I make ideas manufacturable.   So the guy I work with sold his old 3D printer and bought a new one.    He had it shipped to work to convince the boss to buy one for the company--really, it would just be the two of us using it.  The cheapest ones have finally come down in price for the home market, but unfortunately they're still pretty big and noisy.  BUT I WANT ONE!  I got stuff in my head to make.

So I compromised.  I figure I've got a real steady hand, I can learn to "print" like a 3d printer.  I went with a 3d pen, the 3D Scribbler, for many reasons.  First attempt with the included sample filament didn't go well, "I'm going to need a roll of practice filament."   I'm so glad I didn't go with the 3Doodler.  One pack of their filament is like 20 sticks for $12.  I got a 1/2kg roll of natural clear for $15 so I don't have to worry about all the filament I throw away.    The only thing is, everything I make has no color, LOL.

Next time I'll share the stuff I've made to date.   I still need to take pictures. I started with artsy stuff for practice but I've moved on to more practical things.  That was the other reason I didn't go with a $400-$1400 3D printer.  I just can't see myself filling up the house with toys and knick-knacks which have been downloaded off the web.  That gets boring pretty quick.  Creating is the fun part.