Saturday, March 5, 2016

3D pen creations

1)  Started with the rose, petal by petal until I had enough to stick together.  I think I should have gotten white instead of clear for practice.  Sometimes I can't see the last line of plastic I put down until it cools.
2)  Then I did the Snitch.  I made a breakthrough in control when I did a wing--then I was able to repeat it for the other.  I've been a printing machine ever since.
3)  Next is the button cover for the universal remote.  Mom just doesn't get it.  She was mashing buttons at random and reprogramming the TV, cable box, and the remote itself.  I had a paper card version of this previously which she was pushing through.  The cover does fit snuggly in place but I can slide it right off, too.  No problems with the electronics ever since, though my TV is still stuck on the Spanish menu.

4)  Hanger for my 3D pen:  Same color as the pen.  It hangs on the side of my wooden art caddy (which I've since culled--removed the paint brushes I haven't used in a while.)

5)  Hanger for a spool of filament.  It also hangs on the art caddy.  Can't find anything like that anywhere, eh?  Other picture is with a spool loaded.  Fits snuggly without having to modify the caddy with a hole or anything.

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