Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oh no! Another medium

I do CAD for a living, computer aided design.  I do 3D modeling for a living.  I draw pictures on a computer all day to tell people how to fabricate and assemble stuff.  I make ideas manufacturable.   So the guy I work with sold his old 3D printer and bought a new one.    He had it shipped to work to convince the boss to buy one for the company--really, it would just be the two of us using it.  The cheapest ones have finally come down in price for the home market, but unfortunately they're still pretty big and noisy.  BUT I WANT ONE!  I got stuff in my head to make.

So I compromised.  I figure I've got a real steady hand, I can learn to "print" like a 3d printer.  I went with a 3d pen, the 3D Scribbler, for many reasons.  First attempt with the included sample filament didn't go well, "I'm going to need a roll of practice filament."   I'm so glad I didn't go with the 3Doodler.  One pack of their filament is like 20 sticks for $12.  I got a 1/2kg roll of natural clear for $15 so I don't have to worry about all the filament I throw away.    The only thing is, everything I make has no color, LOL.

Next time I'll share the stuff I've made to date.   I still need to take pictures. I started with artsy stuff for practice but I've moved on to more practical things.  That was the other reason I didn't go with a $400-$1400 3D printer.  I just can't see myself filling up the house with toys and knick-knacks which have been downloaded off the web.  That gets boring pretty quick.  Creating is the fun part.

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