Sunday, August 22, 2010

A swinging pig!

0.5mm EnerGel pen in a 6x8 inch drawing sketchbook for Scavenger Hunt #189 hosted by RainySea. This was for an animal (with challenge) in motion. LOL, no animals around me and I have no desire to draw the raw or cooked chicken in my fridge. I considered drawing a can of "Flying Spam" but I couldn't tell you what part of which animal is in Spam.

Thanks Pat, Jo, and Jeanne for your recent visits and encouraging comments (and Ai, too, on my sketchcrawl effort.) Less pressure on my mind certainly helps to release my creative juices.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art Finally!

"Poison" 4x4 inch acrylic on canvas. No reference photo. I had a good morning yesterday as life gradually returns to how I like it. I had a morning ride in my truck and I ended up at DuPar's Restaurant. Had a relaxing breakfast and thought "I feel like painting a snake. A really colorful poisonous snake." LOL! This probably isn't the first art of the year, but it sure feels like it--It's been so long. I've got another snake in my head...