Sunday, July 26, 2015

Edinburgh WDE

WDE reference by Triduana
pencil in 4x6 sketchbook

I went to Edinburgh in 1985 but I made the newbie mistake of buying an SLR camera just before my trip. I'd never used one before, but I took a photography class after I got home.  I think did manage to shoot one roll of film before I left for the trip.  Anyway, I mis-loaded the film several times that trip and developed 3 or 4 blank rolls of film.  I was able to retake most of the London pics before I went home, so Scotland, Netherlands, Germany and Venice has lived on in my memory.  This reference of Edinburgh is typical of what I remember of that city as we drove around in circles, dead reckoning our way to the castle.  Traveling was so much more of an adventure before Google Maps.

The very last time I mis-loaded the SLR camera was on the Great Wall of China in 2007.  Fortunately, I got a few digital snapshots on a 6Mb point-n-shoot.  Lessons learned:  After the China trip, I went and got a digital SLR and after the Europe trip, I have always traveled with more than one camera. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

OMG, time for art!

Long time no sketch, I didn't even have time in May when I went on vacation.  Two pencil warm ups and a figure in charcoal.  8x6 inch sketchbook I started in 2013 with the intention to finish that year, sheesh.