Sunday, May 27, 2018

Wow, it's almost June

It is Memorial Day weekend.  It's too long!  I'm so bored.  I did all my cleaning & laundry last week, so I have noting to do this weekend.  I edited 3 videos yesterday (they're too personal to publish). We had a BBQ at work on Friday, but I left at 2:30 because I hadn't seen Mom on the camera since before lunch.  (Pushing though long holiday traffic commute home) I found her sitting up on the tile floor behind the chair (camera view).  She says "I was waiting for you."  Wow, that's about a 4 hour wait. I need to get serious about finding a caregiver.  Then I have to figure out my next step because I took so much time off work this week.  Good thing nothing's hot on my desk.