Tuesday, March 22, 2016


(From Harry Potter) Deathly Hallow charms.  They're a little over an inch in any dimension.  I didn't think my lines were that straight.  Maybe I'm looking at them too closely, doesn't look too bad after setting them aside for 3 days.  I either need to attach them to a pin or earring hooks.  Don't know where I'm going with this yet.

I made another set of trash bag holders, a button cover for the TV's power button, and (I nearly forgot) I fixed the banana hanger!  The hole for the hook is stripped but this keeps it from falling out.

The TV power button cover was a fail in functionality.  I'm trying to keep Mom from touching the TV because she's always putting it in weird modes or running up the volume to crazy levels, I want her to only use the remote control.  But apparently any button turns on the TV and you can only turn it off with the power button (or remote.)

I was a couple hours into another project when my 3D pen broke.  OH NO!!!!!!!  3D Scribbler's customer service is awesome, I'm waiting for a new nozzle.  But it's got me thinking about making my own version of a 3D pen--yes I have the electronics & mechanical skills and tools.  But if I could do that, I could make my own printer for not much more.  But if I wanted a printer, I could buy one for just a bit more than that. Damn, another rabbit hole.

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  1. I was looking at your bag hangers the other day. Just can't figure this out. I will have to look at one of those pens. You are having fun and that is a great thing!