Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here's to health

Took Mom to the Public Health Clinic for a flu shot, as none of her doctors had gotten any to dispense. She was not happy at the long wait. This is for scavenger hunt and is also the challenge of the loved one portrait. As this visit was unplanned, I had to leave her there while I went to my dental cleaning appointment. This is pen in my home made sketchbook, 9x12 inch.
For artsomofo, I posted my rollerblades for Day 12. I haven't yet scanned the acrylic portrait I did for Day 13. This would be for day 15, which means I am behind by one day of art.


  1. Hi Julie, I think this is a great sketch -- really captures everything you verbally described.

    I can really see the virtues of working daily in your last few posts -- the portraits keep getting better and better! It is hard to do so well in such a small format, I think, Great Job! Very interesting postings!

  2. This is great. Wow you are doing well with these portraits. Super.