Monday, June 14, 2010

Another of life's bumps

Got rear ended on the freeway. I had a safe, controlled brake because of a wild 4-car crash and spinout unfolding in front of me and the 19-year old behind me wasn't paying attention. Why? Her first words to me (when she finally got off her cell phone) she thought she caused that crash. Someone else had already come around to ask if anyone was injured.


  1. Wow, Julie, I sure am glad you are alright (assuming your are!!!!). Is your car still drivable?. Of course I can't imagine driving in California, though the unaware teen and assorted angry drivers, as well as damned traffic seem to be everywhere these days. Again, hope you are well and so sorry for the bump!

  2. I'm very well, thank you. No whiplash or aches, not even the ones I had before the accident (go figure.) The car is driveable but I'm not driving it around except to get estimates starting tomorrow. Hope to get it in the shop by Saturday.

  3. So sory to hear about your accident, Julie but happy to hear you are fine. Must have been scary. You are right on all points, Angela.