Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 I like that date, gotta use it

I scored a pen set in the after-Christmas sales. It included a fountain pen, which is what I bought it for, and the rest is poor quality crap. I loaded it in the car, put it away to do more shopping, then pulled it out while I waited. It leaked blue ink all over me. Stained my jeans, stained my t-shirt, permanently. So I've been using it as a dip pen and it's working great that way. No fear of leaks, either. It's re-ignited my interest in fountain pens and dip pens so I've pulled out my old nibs, nib holder, and inks to draw and write with. Now there's a black feather topped dip pen calling me from Barnes & Noble. Don't have any room for it at the moment but I'll get one of the cute little bottles of ink next time I'm there.
32 more pages in this sketchbook (Strathmore #2). I started the 12 days of Christmas challenge and gave up after day 4. Never intended to post it unless I actually finished the challenge, oh well.

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