Friday, October 21, 2011

Sketchcrawl day on the Panama Canal

Hehe, not much to sketch on the Panama Canal. Most of the time you're just surrounded by walls. I transited through all the chambers, all the way from the Atlantic side to the Pacific Ocean. The cruise ship only went through the Gatun Locks, I hopped (literally) onto a smaller boat to complete the transit all the way through the Pedro Miguel locks and Mira Flores locks. We went back to the ship on a bus.

I sprained my knee on the Panama Canal, thus the hopping. I was passing though the seats and someone didn't pull their legs in and I tripped over their shoes. I didn't fall, I caught myself but twisted my knee. I hopped straight to the drink cooler and grabbed a chunk of ice. Mom brought an elastic bandage I could use for compression, and I kept it elevated whenever possible. The only thing I didn't do was stay off of it because we got back to to boat late, then had an early excursion the next day. I happened to have an accupuncture appointment for that (Panama) evening (for my back) and she did sort of an accupuncture first aid on the knee. Don't know if it works but between that and the herbal oil/gel she sold me, it's healing pretty fast after the knee popped back into place two days later. Anyway, it kind of killed my mobility for moving into places where I could sketch my trip, so I'll be sketching from my photos.

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