Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I caught a cold

I've been trying to think where the time is flying to.  Yea, I caught the crud that's going around.  I have a remnent cough left.  The iPAD is taking up my time, still hunting for apps.  I ran out and got a $15 iTunes card because I still don't trust the internet with my credit card.  Then I remembered my credit card points can pay for a gift card.  Cool beans, it's arrived!

It's been too cold down at my computer to work/surf into the night so I've been cuddled up in my bed with the iPAD.  Not alot to sketch up in my room, but I had an idea I've been developing in my head based on crash test dummies, LOL!  Okay, I still don't get how illustrators manage the same proportions over and over again.  I can make an image I like but I can't repeat it.

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