Monday, March 9, 2015

Sky Bison

It's funny how in my "old age" how much I enjoy animation.  Time Warner cable sucks because their changes have left Mom without TV unless I'm there to work the cable box for her.  So I watched the whole series of Avatar Aang the last Airbender & its sequel Avatar Korra on YouTube and she's rediscovered the radio in her room.  This fluffy sky bison just looks so cuddly.  Yea, that's the March page of my desk calendar.  I wish I could call it Appa, but it's not quite Appa.

When I was a kid, I got no comics.  Comics were for boys and my parents saw no value in comics, so even my bro didn't have but a handful.  Admittedly, the cartoons were corny, too.  Entertaining but no lessons in it -- also a waste of time in my parents eyes.  The stories which are animated now are a long way from Tom & Jerry's endless chases.

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