Thursday, August 4, 2016

DIY camera

I dun it :)  Yup, I set out to build a camera based on the little raspberry pi zero and then make an enclosure with my 3D pen.  I did have to buy black filament because if you use any other color, it may tint the photo.  I started out packaging it as they do but it was too thick for my needs.  I repackaged it so that it's thinner, though I had to sacrifice length.
 Front (above)
 Back (above)  Kinda hard to see, but this is the camera side.
 Side view (above)  So the plan is to have the control part in my pocket, with the camera sensor outside the pocket.  The cable is protected from the top & bottom.
 The electronics is mounted to the bottom "plate".  And the cover slides over the top.  Could be thinner, it's like a skinny handheld remote.  Tough to make thinner though, as I'm making the plastic enclosure by hand.
 This is the camera sensor.
The LEDs are covered with clear filament because they're a bit too bright.  I was trying to diffuse the light. 

Before I enclosed the camera, I tested out the battery.  It lasts exactly 2 hours before the camera died abruptly.  I risk corrupting the the SD card that way, in fact I did.  But I've learned to recover it, HA!

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