Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Painting my Palettes

Been feeling a bit disconnected lately. I was sitting up in my room, staring at my big empty sketchbook. It's 12x15x1 inches, and very heavy so it's got luggage handles attached. Apparently I had started some color charts in the back so I added inktense and graphtints charts. It hit me that this paper isn't sized but at least it didn't pill or bleed through. So I started painting my palettes. These are on different areas of back to back pages, so I p'shopped them into one picture: the Koi pan set of 18 (my favorite because of the blues & greens), the W&N Cotman pans, and my palette with the Marie's Chinese Watercolor tube paint which I leave to dry in a plastic palette.

I was surprised how well they turned out. I've been quite convinced how bad I am at watercolor but now I've just done three watercolor sketches in a row that I'm happy with. IRL, the sketches aren't that wonky perspectivewise...blame the photographer for not getting a straight shot.


  1. These are very nice, Julie. I envy all of the Chinese watercolor supplies you have. Though I have mainly avoided watercolors after trying some traditionals years ago -- I am very curious about the Chinese method.

  2. Thank you, June.

    Thank you, Angela. I think Chinese Brush is a style than a medium. It's a great way to keep loose.