Saturday, January 9, 2010

My latest passion

Oil pastel & acrylic in the 9x12 inch sketchbook.

Coffee from MOKA pots. It's not an addiction, not an obsession, a PASSION. I write this word more for my memory because I've been thinking about the right description.

I've had times in my life where I had no passion for anything. Unless it affected me or my life directly, I was pretty apathetic about everything. I understand this now, and only lately I understand why. But I was always searching for something to interest me, something to fire me up. I was never one of those fickle girlies who had a new boy crush or celebrity crush every week. I've always listened more to my head than my heart, so it's been a lifelong process to give myself permission to let my heart soar if it wants to.

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  1. Nice post, Julie, very reflective and to the point. I wish you well in learning to lead with your heart, more.