Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flexible filament

On a whim I actually bought some flexible filament when I ordered extra heater/nozzles.  That was a mistake!  I knew better that but I really wanted to try flexible material.  I am so disappointed in the quantity which I misread or misunderstood  for $12 + shipping.  It's not the color that was shown on the website and I measured a foot short.  Okay, color isn't a deal breaker, I just wanted to try out the properties, but the quantity isn't enough for a real project.

So Friday my (side work) client put the project on hold, so I knew I was going to have a long, boring, rainy weekend at home because mom & I are in the 2nd week of a cold and it's supposed to rain for a week.  I'm over the cold but not the cough.  On the way home on Friday I picked up  a roll of flexible 3D filament for $36, 3 times the price of sample filament.  I have a couple projects in mind that need the qualities of what I thought was flexible filament -- not exactly what I thought.

Ugh, it was a rough start.  I thought I was going to need a real 3D printer and water-soluble support filament to do anything with it.  Then I thought I broke the pen -- the motor part that pushes material to the heated tip -- whew.  No, I was just experiencing typical issues with flexible material.  When it's hot, it's a lot softer than I expected.  Then it takes longer to set up, meanwhile it sticks to anything it touches.

Here's formerly "Nekkid Barbie's" best side trying on some flexible filament.  I'm afraid she has a new minor burn scar from the heat on her butt, looks more like rug burns.

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