Thursday, January 5, 2017

Another POV camera!

Google Glass, Snapchat Spectacles, move over!  I could never afford them.  I could never find them.  I wear prescription glasses, I couldn't drive and wear those at the same time.  They have very short battery time, like 30 minutes, I heard?    BOOM, look what I made for $40.  That's just the cost of the little thumb drive-sized camera.  Granted it's only 640x480 resolution, but it's light enough to carry on top of my eyeglass frames.  It does still, it does video, it does audio, I can record up to two hours!  I can take it off and be normal.

 The 3D printed (manually) part snaps on to the arm and rests on top of the frame.

Then clamp the camera onto the plastic part.  My first attempt hung to the right of my temple but I found that it obscured my side vision when driving.

I don't wear beanies or headbands.  Those would be good options for future travel.  But if I'm awake, I always have my glasses on. real art goals for 2017.  I just want to keep creating.  I'm considering replacing my Flickr photos with short videos. 

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